Supporting All Your HVAC Needs

Solutions to Maximize Operating Efficiencies & Reliability

No matter what your building demands from your HVAC system, we are ready to support you and help meet your building’s needs. We know that your facility and HVAC systems have to perform reliably each and every day.  We also know that you are expected to do more with less.  With our services menu, we can support your needs no matter what stage of the life cycle your equipment is in.

As your service provider and partner we will give you guidance and recommendations on which services to perform to ensure the most cost effective operation. As a partner we will always provide you proof, through documentation, of the value that we deliver to your business.

We offer start-up services, service agreements, repair services, upgrades, and rentals. Our team of professionals can help you with any HVAC request.

Start-up Services

It’s crucial to get your system operating at peak performance from day one. Over time, a system that hasn’t been operating at the proper baseline can waste energy and money. The Trane Elite Start™ Services are conducted knowledgeable, factory by trained and authorized Trane technicians to help you maximize your efficiencies of your equipment and your operating budget.

Service Agreements

Our team of experienced professionals will create an agreement specific to your building and equipment that is designed to enhance performance and improve life cycle costs. We offer a variety of service agreements, whether it’s for newly installed equipment, an existing system or upgrades. Service agreements can include building operations services, preventative maintenance, energy performance and full coverage options.


We not only service Trane equipment, but we are also the world’s most trusted repair provider for all brands and types of HVAC units. All work is performed by Trane technicians and is promptly and correctly done the first time, allowing you to enjoy greater reliability and reducing risk of future downtime. Plus, our Trane technicians are highly trained industry experts, with access to all sources of Trane proprietary information and tools for working on Trane equipment.  

Upgrade and Improve

We can help you get the most from your investment by upgrading critical equipment to factory specifications. Choose from several different options that will complement your equipment and building needs, including the R’newal™ Service Programs. These program are comprehensive services that will bring your equipment to the same level of reliability and current technology as offered by a new Trane chiller or building control unit.

All services are handled by experienced technicians that have extensive Trane education and training.


Emergency situations, planned maintenance, special events, or added capacity, Trane Rental Services has your cooling, heating, and power needs covered. We can develop and deliver a solution custom-tailored to your needs. With our large modern fleet and strategic locations, we can meet all your rental needs.

To learn more about our complete menu of services contact your Trane Account Manager today.