Building Automation

Flexible and Manageable Controls

More than just HVAC equipment

We do more than just provide HVAC equipment. Trane takes pride in becoming your HVAC partner. From the first interaction to the installation of equipment, and from servicing your equipment to promoting a long life cycle  – we care about meeting your building’s needs just as much as you do. Our process focuses on excellent communication, accurate information, and promoting sustainability and efficiencies.

Building automation is an opportunity to more efficiently manage your buildings. Today’s buildings demand smart solutions that utilize the best available technology. Trane understands this and has several choices to give you the power and flexibility you need to implement building automation for new construction and renovations. You can learn more about them here.

Our process

Now that you understand our process, it’s time to get a closer look at our products. We offer a full line of products to meet your HVAC needs that maximize cost and energy efficiencies. Learn more about them here.