New Trane UniTrane Harmony Cabinet Fan Coils Offer Optimum Combination of Performance, Acoustic Comfort and Operating Costs

Brussels, Belgium, 11 September, 2013 – Air quality, temperature and sound levels are the three critical components for creating comfortable indoor environments. Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort solutions and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, now offers a new range of UniTraneTM Harmony fan coil units designed for easy integration and use while delivering high air quality and comfort.

New UniTraneTM Harmony cabinet fan coils can be simply and quickly integrated into existing spaces without the necessity for ductwork, ceiling modification or wall thermostat installation. The new fan coils are extremely configurable in order to simplify installation and suit a wide variety of customer needs for the optimum combination of performance, acoustic comfort and operating costs.

The new range of fan coils can be mounted either in a vertical or horizontal position for wall or ceiling installation. To reduce installation time and cost, all units come with factory-installed controls, water valve kits, support feet and return air grilles. A full range of accessories are available to further facilitate easy mounting on the job site.

The new fan coils feature Trane CleanEffectsTM electrostatic filtration technology that increases the air quality by capturing even the finest micrometric particles without compromising unit performance. The filtration technology minimizes pressure drop and maximizes the volume of delivered clean air, while capturing particles as small as 0.1 micron.

This makes it 100 times more effective than a conventional EU3 filter and allows for removal of up to 99.98 percent of particles and allergens from filtered indoor air. The CleanEffectsTM filters are easy to clean and depending on usage require rinsing once every three to nine months, significantly reducing operating costs.

‖The UniTrane Harmony is a new range of fan coil units that has been carefully designed to provide thermal and acoustical comfort for room occupants while ensuring the highest air quality,‖ said Nicolas Charluteau, air handling units and water terminals portfolio manager for Trane in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.

"The Trane CleanEffects filtration technology, unlike the conventional air filters, eliminates extremely fine particles like dust, smoke and bacteria from the air. This, together with the unit’s overall low sound levels, makes it ideal for quiet environments such as offices and hotel rooms."


For convenience and comfort, the new UniTraneTM Harmony fan coil units come equipped with a configured, tested and easy to use control system. To meet each customer’s unique needs, Trane offers controls solutions ranging from simple mechanical thermostats to fully integrated and sophisticated building management systems.

The infrared wireless remote control, either handheld or wall-mounted, allows room occupants to easily choose from ―manual‖ or ―auto‖ mode to manage fan speeds and cooling/heating changeover to achieve the desired comfort levels.

The integrated Trane TracerTM control system combines with the entire range to deliver efficient performance, optimal comfort and cost-effective building management. For ultimate convenience and comfort, individual units or groups of units can be connected via a serial link.

The electronically commuted (EC) fan motor in UniTraneTM models FVAE/FCAE/FKAE delivers significant savings and optimal comfort. This technology reduces power consumption by an average of 67 percent, therefore lowering the overall energy consumption of the building.

It is virtually quiet due to the continuously variable fan speed which eliminates noisy switching and minimizes s 500

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