Ferris ISD

HVAC and Lighting Upgrades improved classroom conditions in Ferris ISD

• Renovations Projected to Save Ferris ISD $125,000 Annually
• New HVAC Systems
• Tracer Summit™ Building Automation System for Better Temperature Control, Efficiency
• District-wide Lighting and Plumbing Upgrades


Ferris Independent School District faced rising energy and maintenance costs. Outdated HVAC systems and inconsistent lighting conditions created high energy usage, excessive maintenance costs and unreliable operation. Some classrooms were below Illuminating Engineering Society standards for classroom lighting levels. Further, the HVAC systems lacked programmability, resulting in poor building temperature and ventilation control.


Based on previous experience with Trane, Ferris ISD worked with Marcus Johnson and Jeff Wagner at the Trane Dallas office. Johnson and Wagner recommended upgrades that included replacing old HVAC systems with new Trane high-efficiency systems at Ingram Elementary and the Intermediate School. Trane replaced the old equipment at Ingram Elementary with 16 new rooftop units and six new condensing units at the Intermediate school. They also installed a district-wide Trane Tracer Summit™ building automation system for better temperature control and improved building scheduling from a central location. Other upgrades included district-wide lighting and plumbing renovations. Plumbing upgrades included replacing most toilets and replacing flush valves and faucets with water-conserving fixtures.


The upgrades were completed in late 2007. Overall, the district expects to save $125,000 in annual energy and operating costs. The HVAC upgrades have produced as much as a 46 percent increase in efficiency. Lighting efficiency improved as much as 60 percent in some areas. Overall, the district’s annual utility usage is projected to drop more than 22 percent. More importantly, the comprehensive retrofits are providing a better learning environment. The HVAC and lighting upgrades are particularly effective in improving classroom conditions, making it easier for students and teachers to concentrate on their important work. In addition to the energy savings, Ferris ISD earned a $15,000 rebate from the local electric company thanks to the upgrades.

Ferris ISD has entered into a long-term service agreement with Trane to continually evaluate and improve the district’s facilities to help ensure maximum energy savings. Ferris ISD can now comply with Texas Senate Bills 5 and 12 to reduce energy usage by five percent per year for six years. Ferris ISD Superintendent Mike Bodine said, "This project went really well and right after completion we began seeing savings in all of our utility costs - gas, electricity and water. We will save lots of money over the coming years - money that can be put back into the classrooms. We’re doing all that we can to get the best return for taxpayer dollars."

About Ferris ISD

Ferris ISD includes K through 12 facilities and currently enrolls more than 2300 students.

Mike Bodine, Ferris ISD Superintendent, points out that while Trane and its subcontractors did much of the upgrade work during the summer, work was also done during the school year during evening and weekend hours to avoid disrupting classes.