Perimeter Park North Carolina

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Trane and Lee Air Conditioners, Raleigh, North Carolina, teamed up to provide high quality HVAC systems and fast response.
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Trane and Lee Air Conditioners, Raleigh, North Carolina, teamed up to provide high quality HVAC systems and fast response when Duke Construction, a division of Duke Realty, built a three-building corporate office campus at Perimeter Park, Morrisville, North Carolina. Prime tenant of the new campus is personal computer manufacturer Lenovo, which moved its U.S. headquarters from New York to Morrisville. Jeff Wotnosky, Trane account manager, said, “This was a very fast track project. The buildings were still being designed even as construction got under way.” The project includes two five-story buildings totaling 358,000 square feet and completed in 2007. A third 143,000 square-feet building will be finished in 2008.


Duke Construction selected Lee Air Conditioners (LAC) as the design-build mechanical contractor. LAC in-house professional engineering staff worked with Trane to design systems including Trane IntelliPak™ self-contained floor-by-floor air conditioning systems, Trane variable air volume terminals and a Tracer Summit™ building automation system. The Tracer Summit system also controls the building lighting systems for after-hours HVAC and lighting control. Tenants can override the thermostat service in their area to automatically turn on the lights for after-hours work. Each building features two energy recovery units that supply about 12,000 cfm of preconditioned air in accordance with ASHRAE standards in an energy efficient manner and with proper building pressurization control. The energy recovery units have variable frequency drives also controlled by the Tracer Summit system. The tenant also has computer room air conditioning units, also monitored and controlled by the Tracer Summit system. Duke Realty Corporation specializes in the ownership, construction, development, leasing and management of office and industrial real estate. Duke properties include approximately 103 million rentable square feet of space. Lee Air Conditioners was founded in 1951. Today the company serves residential and commercial customers and is a Trane Strategic Partner.


Raynor Smith, Vice President of Commercial Operations at LAC, said, “The design/build approach and our relationship with Trane is what made it happen and allowed us to complete the project on schedule. Trane factory installed controls were another advantage relative to schedule and cost it was one thing less to coordinate for a tight schedule. Trane factory-installed controls also streamlined the operator training process. And if there ever is a problem, whether it controls or equipment, all we have to do is call Trane.” We and the tenant are pleased with the reliability of the Trane equipment during one of the hottest summers on record." Michael Landreth, Duke Realty Corporation.