Hopkins County Jail

With a population of nearly 47,000, Hopkins County offers the friendliness of a small town, combined with outdoor recreational and cultural opportunities. As part of the community, Hopkins County Jail provides inmates for special area projects, roadside cleanup and an inmate culinary program. The jail also employs a variety of innovative programs such as recycling of waste, and a produce garden, which helps lower food costs at the jail.

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Juvenile Secure Detention Center

The City of Newport News Juvenile Secure Detention Center was opened in January 2005 to provide a positive experience for detained youth in a safe and secure environment, while protecting public safety. The state-of-the-art facility utilizes the best practices in juvenile justice and features cutting edge technology. The program includes school for approximately 110 juveniles during the traditional school year. Evening activities include visitations, religious services, physical recreation, group sessions and counseling. In alignment with its standard operations, when the center’s compressors failed, administrators implemented best practices to get systems back up and running for the comfort of its detainees and staff.

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Moody County Courthouse

Located in east central South Dakota, the three-story, 100 year old Moody County Courthouse was built to last. Constructed with fireproof cement and steel, the building has a Bedford Stone exterior and twenty-four inch concrete interior walls. The courthouse is decorated with beautiful murals, walls faced with white marble four feet up from the floor and black marble baseboards. The stairs are also white marble with wrought iron grill work and oak banisters, and lobby floors on each story are Terrazzo. Offices feature original oak floors with oak woodwork to match.

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Lakota Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Lakota Wastewater Treatment Plant, located on twenty-three acres, is Lakehaven Utility District’s largest treatment plant. The district encompasses an area of approximately thirty-five square miles with a service population of approximately 112,000 people. Seventy-five percent of the service is currently to single-family residential dwellings, but in the past it has been up to 50 percent from commercial businesses and restaurants. The Lakota plant is fed by about 150 miles of collection system piping and thirteen lift stations.

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City of Vestavia Hills

The city’s Parks and Recreation Department offers sports leagues for children, including football, soccer, softball, baseball, cheerleading, tennis, swimming and lacrosse. Keeping America beautiful is important to the City of Vestavia Hills, as exemplified by its commitment to energy efficiency and its desire to have the first paperless city government.

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