Hawaii Air National Guard

The Hawaii Air National Guard, 154th Wing, shares the Hickam Air Force Base facilities with the Pacific Command. The base is located on 2,850 acres of land adjacent to Honolulu International Airport. To support the painting operation and maintenance of the Air National Guard F-22 Raptor jets, a new low observable/composite repair facility was built. The facility, consisting of a 17,500 sq ft hangar/paint booth and a 17,700 support building, features sophisticated mechanical systems for climate control for aircraft painting operations.

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Budd Inlet Treatment Plant

The LOTT Cleanwater Alliance helps preserve and protect public health, the environment, and water resources by providing wastewater management services for approximately 90,000 people. Its four government partners Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, and Thurston counties (LOTT) jointly provide wastewater facilities, including a central treatment plant, major interceptor sewer lines, pump stations, and reclaimed water plants. At the heart of the LOTT Cleanwater Alliance system is the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant, through which ten to twelve million gallons of wastewater flow on an average day.

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Larimer County Courthouse Offices

Larimer County, located in north central Colorado, includes several mountain communities, as well as Rocky Mountain National Park. The county encompasses 2,640 square miles of irrigated farms, vast stretches of scenic ranch lands, thick forests and high mountain peaks. The beautiful area provides a wide spectrum of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.

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Brown County

Brown County is located in the south central part of Minnesota, approximately 100 miles southwest of the Twin Cities. The county is mostly agricultural, but also has many industrial and commercial businesses. Brown County has a population of 25,893, with New Ulm, its largest city, serving as the county seat.

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Clayton County

Like many county governments, Clayton County faced rising energy and facilities maintenance costs. Significant system upgrades were needed to improve energy efficiency, and enhance employee comfort and productivity

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