K-12 Education

United States

Homestead High School

Homestead High School is a nationally recognized learning institution focused on preparing its more than 1,300 students for the opportunities and challenges of the future. Students choose from an extensive array of courses, including college-credit and honors classes, as well as numerous extracurricular clubs and organizations, such as theater, visual parts and band. Besides being used for classes and student activities, the school also is heavily used by the community for a variety of events.

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Willoughby Eastlake

With approximately 8,500 students, the Willoughby-Eastlake School District is the largest in Lake County, spanning across seven communities including Eastlake, Lakeline, Timberlake, Waite Hill, Willowick, Willoughby, and Willoughby Hills. The district strives to prepare students for college and careers by putting students first, providing quality instruction and a comfortable learning environment. Dedicated to instilling a passion for learning, the district is committed to providing an excellent education for its students, while giving them an opportunity to be engaged in their learning and to succeed in the rapidly changing world.

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St. Lucie County School District

The mission of the St. Lucie County School District is to ensure that all students graduate from safe and caring schools, equipped with knowledge, skills and the desire to succeed. Educating children isn’t just a top priority for the school district, it’s also important to the community, with parents, businesses and other residents joining in to provide a full and rich educational experience for the children. Because of this unique partnership, the St. Lucie County School District is able to offer a variety of educational experiences that prepare students for the future, including charter, magnet, virtual and home schooling.

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Albert Gallatin High School

Performance contracting agreement upgrades guarantee savings of nearly $50,000/yr Uniontown, Pennsylvania

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Calvert County Public Schools

The Calvert County Career and Technology Academy, for grades eleven and twelve, provides relevant learning and real job related experiences to better prepare students for college and the workplace. The school’s mission is to help students develop a productive work ethic, master mathematics and communications requirements, and learn skills in their chosen program. Areas of focus include high-skill occupations, such as information technology, finance, construction trades, homeland security, health professions and pre-engineering.

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