K-12 Education

United States

Cook County School District #104

District adopts comprehensive solutions to improve the learning environment for students, while achieving electricity costs that are $70,000 below their expectations.

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Wyomissing Area School District

Electricity supply contract reduces market susceptibility; provides budget certainty and substantial kWh price reduction; results in savings of 3.8 percent or $6,300 a year; allows opportunity to drive costs down through strategic efficiency measures.

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Maury County Public Schools

Performance guarantee contracting upgrades improve air quality, comfort and the classroom learning environment; enable system control and energy management; projected to provide more than $400,000 in annual energy cost savings.

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Kansas City Public Schools

Performance guarantee funds re-commissioning to restore mechanical equipment operation throughout District, resulting in significant energy savings to the District and $1.3 million in rebates; keeps schools open during extreme hot/cold weather conditions.

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Vernon Hills High School

With a lack of communication between four controls systems causing inefficiencies and high energy use, Vernon Hills High School (VHHS) consolidated systems, resulting in an energy savings forecast of $51,000, a $193,000 incentive, and streamlined building management.

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