Series R™ R'newal Service Program

Series R™ R'newal Service Program

Under normal conditions, compressors components can wear and tear over time. The
Series R R’newal Service Program works to restore RTAA, RTAC, RTHA, RTHB, RTHC, RTHD, and RTUA, RTWA, RTUD and RTWD compressors to the manufacture’s original commitment of reliability and performance.

Performing a Series R R’newal

A local Trane service company will review and replace selected components such as circuit gaskets, o-rings and bearings. Selected compressors will be renewed, bringing this part of the system up to current specifications and standards. With a Series R chiller R’newal, you will receive a standard two year parts and labor warranty with an optional third through fifth year parts and labor warranty, on selected compressors, with a service agreement.


  • Backed by a long term Trane warranty

  • Ensures leak integrity and prevents refrigerant loss

  • Brings reliability and prevents expensive compressor failures caused by
    worn bearings

  • Brings reliability and prevents expensive motor failure caused by worn motor

  • Where component designs have been enhanced, Trane replaces those components with the current upgraded parts

  • Includes OEM compressor warranty coverage that can be extended up to
    five years