BAS R'newal Program

BAS R'newal Program

Trane BAS R’newal™ is a building controls upgrade program designed to make existing building automation systems (BAS) more effective and to improve building performance, while leveraging the equipment you already have in place. With cost-effective options and open systems designed for flexibility and integration, Trane renews your system without the cost and inconvenience of a full replacement.

Trane is a true partner, bringing more than 100 years of HVAC equipment experience and 35 years of controls expertise into your building. Through long-term reliability and ongoing support, Trane helps ensure your system is properly maintained for continued efficiency and helps you plan a proactive approach to deal with your other BAS components, so you can run your buildings and not let your buildings run you.

Trane is offering a $1,000 system discount to customers who purchase both a controls system upgrade and a controls service agreement. Contact your local Trane sales office to register for your discount today!

The BAS R’newal Process

Asses your legacy system:
The BAS R’newal program starts with an assessment of your current system to help prioritize your controls upgrade needs and create an affordable migration plan best suited to you.

Upgrade your technology:
Trane installs easy-to-use, open controls, allowing you to connect your existing equipment, so you can immediately take advantage of new capabilities such as wireless communication, Web-enabled access and remote mobile control. With your BAS R’newal technology upgrade, new possibilities exist such as 3-D graphics and customized dashboards that can transform your data into valuable insights to help you run your buildings better.

Improve your building performance:
Trane will help you make the most of your new BAS by reviewing the current configuration and operation conditions to drive improved performance. Through the Intelligent Services connection, Trane will continuously monitor and analyze your HVAC and building automation systems and look for opportunities for continuous improvement. Trane is your partner throughout the process, helping to keep your building working its best.

Proactively address energy:
Trane will help you use your new building automation system to drive additional energy savings, by first understanding how your building compares with similar buildings and then by establishing a baseline condition to measure against. When available, Trane will analyze your energy data and provide guidance on how to make the most of identified opportunities.

Prove results:
Customer performance reports summarize how BAS R’newal has impacted your building and benefited your business in the past year. These reports also identify additional opportunities you can take advantage of in the upcoming year — for ongoing efficiency and performance — and include a migration plan and recommendations for both reactive “fix upon failure” scenarios as well as phased replacement using a proactive budgeting approach. These reports demonstrate what was reviewed and fixed throughout the year, as well as help identify new areas that can be addressed to drive additional savings.