Adaptive Frequency Drive Upgrades

Adaptive Frequency™ Drive Upgrade

Trane Adaptive Frequency Drives, also known as variable frequency drives, are one option for HVAC upgrades that can help your chiller perform with greater efficiency and can
save you money.

Now available for RTHD Models!

Variable frequency drives from Trane use Adaptive Control™ to provide safe, efficient inlet guide vane and compressor motor speed control combinations to ensure the most efficient part load operation possible. The portfolio of Trane Adaptive Frequency Drive can satisfy most applications and installation requirements, such as ambient temperature, space restrictions, cooling medium, and harmonic attenuation.

In addition, variable frequency drives can detect surge conditions and actively avoid them to provide solid chiller protection and energy savings. Most importantly for Trane customers, these variable frequency drives are designed for easy retrofit to allow existing chillers to have variable-speed compressor operation.

Variable Frequency Drive Applications

One typical application of a Trane variable frequency drive would be in a large downtown hotel with an oversized chiller that requires 24/7 operation, condenser relief, and chiller installation in the penthouse, very close to guest areas. Installation of a Trane variable frequency drive will pay for itself in three years with the reduction in electricity consumption, plus, it reduces compressor cycling and noise in guest areas. Other recommended applications of a Trane variable frequency drive include facilities like schools, hospitals, arenas, office buildings, and other complexes with:

  • Many run hours at part load with condenser relief available

  • Chillers experiencing frequent start/stop routines

  • Noisy chillers at light load

  • Ice-making or heat-recovery chillers running at comfort conditions

  • Chillers that are oversized for their current applications and run frequently at part load

  • Single chiller plants where chiller staging is not an option

Variable Frequency Drive Benefits

  • Improve the unloading capacity up to 50% below existing levels, so the chiller stays on line longer and prevents chiller cycling.

  • Improve chiller application part load value (APLV) by 10–25%, saving a significant amount of energy and, therefore, money.

  • Improve drive efficiency and bring a near unity power factor across the operating range of the variable frequency drive.

  • Enable customers to fully incorporate all energy saving routines available in their existing building automation system, due to compatibility.

Contact your local Trane sales office to learn how variable frequency drives can help improve your operational efficiency!