Lithium Bromide Analysis

Lithium Bromide Analysis for Absorption Water Chillers

An absorption chiller is designed to operate with certain amounts of inhibitors and other chemical additives. Over a period of time, these chemicals can become depleted, causing performance problems and allowing harmful chemical reactions to take place inside the unit. Keeping these chemical additives at the proper levels is important to prevent damage to the absorber and help ensure operating efficiency.

The Trane Chemical Lab conducts a Lithium Bromide analysis and checks the solutions for the following properties:

  • Ammonia level
  • Inhibitor level
  • General appearance
  • Suspended solids
  • Specific gravity
  • Lithium bromide level
  • Alkalinity level

The standard Trane lab refrigerant water and lithium bromide analysis report will include:

  • Numerical data on all tests performed, as well as data from previous samples, on the absorber
  • Present and past interpretations and recommendations on samples from the absorber
  • Precise calculation of chemical additives (if needed) to balance the absorber

A refrigerant water and lithium bromide analysis report, plus the related knowledge of qualified and experienced service engineers, will provide you with valuable information about the internal operation of an absorption chiller.

For further information on the Trane Chemical Laboratory oil analysis service, please contact your nearest Trane Commercial Sales Office.