Unit Heaters

These unit heaters provide uniform heating for large open areas in such applications as warehouses, factories and showrooms. The Model S is a horizontal propeller heater of unusually compact size and low weight. The Model P is a vertical heater which easily and quickly converts on the job to a low final air temperature unit - in effect, two unit heaters in one. Designed for use in space heating applications. The unit heaters offer low installed cost and are able to heat large volume areas without extensive duct systems.


  • Twenty-six models, 30 to 400 MBh
    • Model P available in 15 sizes to 705 MBh
    • Model S available in 16 sizes to 400 MBh
    • 130 selections: unmatched in the industry.
  • Ten-year heat exchanger warranty standard on all units
  • Two-point suspension on propeller fan unit heaters
  • High-efficiency models available; offer 20 to 25 percent annual fuel savings over conventional gravity-vented models
  • Exclusive Trane Sigma-Flo® coils are compact, efficient and reliable
  • Lightweight, rugged, compact design is fully accessible for easy installation and maintenance

For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.