SureFit Coils

Your Replacement Coil Leader with the fastest quote, shortest lead time and best engineering support

When you need a replacement coil, you need it now.  You can’t afford to wait for quote or manufacturing that takes months.  You need a solution and you need it from someone that will help you through the process.  Someone you can trust.  Who else besides Trane SureFit Coils can meet those needs?

Trane SureFit Coils currently has about 90% of all the coils we sell available in 1-3 days, order to ship and coils for Trane Air Handlers are available in 8 days or less.  That is an industry leading standard lead time.  Don’t forget that we also build coils to replace competitor products and can design and engineer a custom product as well.

Who else would you trust besides Trane SureFit Coils to ensure you have a coil that is built with quality material that meets drawing specifications and hits the performance level your system is capable of?  Don’t settle for others who are willing to use substandard material or lack the ability to build to your performance requirements.  Choose SureFit.

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