Performance Air Handlers

Our family of Performance Climate Changer air handlers combines the Trane tradition of engineering excellence with the latest in manufacturing technology to give you an energy efficient air handler with superior performance, the highest quality and reliability, and the lowest installed cost in the industry.

Superior Performance

  • ASHRAE 111 Class 6 low-leak casing design achieving less than 1.0 percent leakage rate at +/- 8 inches w.g.

  • 2-inch R13 foam-injected casing panels and doors

  • No through-metal casing thermal breaks as factory standard

  • Casing panel deflection less than 0.0042 inches at +/- 8 inches w.g.

  • Casing thermal resistance ratio TR-value of 0.6.

Industry-Leading Energy Efficiency

  • Improved 4-inch and 12-inch filter options with up to 50% lower pressure drop than previous designs to easily meet or exceed LEED requirements.

  • New AMCA 611-certified Traq™ airflow measurement and control damper technology capable of measuring outdoor airflow with +/- 5% accuracy.

  • Factory-installed total energy wheels and sensible coil runaround loops reduce energy consumption and provide coil freeze protection.

  • Cool Dry Quiet (CDQ™) desiccant dehumidification wheels and dual-path split dehumidification units (SDU) in a factory-installed package help prevent building moisture problems.

  • 50,000 hour LED service lights last up to 10 times longer than fluorescents (100 times longer than typical incandescent) using only 20 watts of electricity - and it can be moved around the unit.

System Optimization

  • Optimal unit design to meet the Trane EarthWise™ philosophy incorporating high-efficiency air handlers and water chillers with low flow rates and low temperatures.

  • More coil options with industry-leading low pressure drop, high-efficiency fin designs, and infinitely variable fin spacing enables an exact match to capacity requirements.

  • Twice the fan flexibility - including direct-drive plenum fans, belt-drive plenum fans, and housed fans - to balance unit length, energy efficiency, and acoustical requirements.

  • DDC control options to easily incorporate strategies such as fan pressurization and demand control ventilation.

  • Design and analysis tools provide whole building analysis, acoustical design guidance, equipment performance data, and suggested control strategies to help achieve optimum system design with tailored energy, IAQ, and project budget solutions.

Highest Quality

  • UL/CUL listed

  • AHRI Standard 430-certified air-handling units

  • AHRI Standard 410-certified coils are all factory tested.

  • AHRI Standard 1060-certified air handling unit with energy wheels.

  • Pre-engineered, factory-packaged controls and end devices, as well as starters and variable frequency drives (VFDs), improve application quality.

Lowest Installed Cost

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) drawings to minimize jobsite ductwork, electrical, piping and structural interference.

  • Lifting lugs included on the integral base frame, with smaller units also designed for forklift transport, allows equipment to be easily positioned.

  • Variable height, size, type, and location of openings available on discharge plenums minimize duct transitions and air pressure drop lowering energy consumption.

  • Factory-installed interoperable controls shorten construction cycles, simplify job-site coordination, reduce installation time and expense, and provide single-source responsibility for warranty and service issues.

  • Quick-connect wiring minimizes installation costs and provides wiring integrity between sections.

For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.