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Trane is the world leader in creating and sustaining safe, comfortable and efficient environments.  We invite you to join us for Engineering Newsletter Live (ENL) during lunch and learn seminars.

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Reduced Energy Costs

Various School Boards

Several school boards in Ontario enjoy energy savings resulting from Energy Performance Projects recently completed by Trane. Projects included HVAC upgrades and installation of solar PV panels.

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Building Automation

Canadian Museum of Nature

The challenge on the project was to stabilize building structure to protect it from seismic risk,  ensure tighter environmental control while optimizing energy efficiency. 

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Ice Storage

Yardmen Arena in Belleville

Upgrades with ice storage improved energy efficiency by 50 percent. Trane Building Automation System manages systems to improve energy savings and make ice during the off-peak hours.

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1024 Morrison Drive

Ottawa , Ontario K2H 8K7

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