Keeneland Association, Inc.


Keeneland Association’s aging, text-based controls system was reaching the end of its useful life, some replacement parts were not available, and newer technologies offered operational savings and convenience. The Thoroughbred racetrack and auction company sought to replace the outdated system, while adhering to budget constraints. A Trane Tracer R’newal control upgrade service program is helping Keeneland maximize building performance, improve occupant comfort and increase operational productivity. By using existing unit controls and replacing outdated building controllers, Keeneland was able to meet all of its objectives for approximately the same cost they originally planned to spend on a partial upgrade.


Although Keeneland’s aging, text-based controls system was both functional and reliable, it gave facilities managers cause for concern. The system was reaching the end of its useful life, replacement parts were not available for the three main building control panels, and newer technologies offered operational savings and convenience. Continuing to run the facilities with outdated controls, including the grandstand where clients viewed racing events, could be disastrous. In keeping with its tradition of quality, Keeneland sought to replace the outdated system, with plans to tackle the project in three phases to keep within budget constraints.


Keeneland sought proposals from several contractors. Two of the companies suggested a complete replacement of the existing system and associated control units. Although the bids were within the set budget, Keeneland was not familiar with the systems proposed and knew they would require significant training to operate them. Having used a Trane controls system for years, Keeneland contacted the local office. Trane began by touring the Keeneland campus to gain familiarity with the existing controls and HVAC systems. "Working with Trane went well from the beginning," said Eric Soard, Keeneland mechanical systems supervisor. "They listened to our needs and concerns and were interested in our ideas and suggestions." It did not make financial sense to Keeneland facilities managers to put new unit controllers on HVAC equipment they planned to replace in the near future. They envisioned eventually replacing the three systems in the grandstand and tying them into the other six building controllers across campus to provide one seamless user interface. Keeneland’s "wish list" also included 3D color graphics, Internet access, and global control of all of the buildings.

Gaining the latest technology while reducing cost
Trane proposed a unique solution to answer Keeneland’s needs, a Trane Tracer™ R’newal™ controls upgrade. The service program would allow Keeneland to reuse the unit controllers on the HVAC units they planned to replace in the near future and still get the building level controllers upgraded to the latest technology. Before moving forward with the project, the Trane team visited Keeneland multiple times to investigate the old controllers, how they were wired, and their ability to communicate with the new technology. "Our existing unit controllers were still working and we felt that starting over with everything new would be wasting a lot of money," said Soard. "With the Trane Tracer R’newal program, we could upgrade our system, but keep using some of what we had. That was a big savings."

An integrated system with "wish list" features
The three system-level Trane Tracer-100 panels were replaced with new Tracer Summit® building control units with updated software. Three-dimensional campus and floor plan graphics were added and portions of the communica 500

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