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With Trane you can enhance your healthcare facility’s physical environment and improve its financial and clinical performance. Our approach links patient outcomes, staff satisfaction and the bottom line.

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Improved Patient Outcomes
Trane technology improves indoor air quality to benefit the overall health of your patients and improve the experience of your healthcare facility.

Trane has helped thousands of healthcare partners optimize their healing environments to improve patient outcomes, increase staff satisfaction and achieve better financial and operational performance through sustainable improvements in indoor air quality (IAQ), humidity and moisture control, acoustics and energy efficiency.

Trane can design, build, install and maintain HVAC systems to meet specific needs anywhere in the healthcare environment. Our comprehensive, solution-driven approach ensures that you get the right systems, controls, maintenance and documentation to support your productivity. Flexible financing plans, a performance contracting program* and available rental equipment ensure there’s a Trane system that’s right for your needs and your facility.

Featured Solution

Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning System
The Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning System (TCACS) uses a combination of efficient, innovative technologies to reduce airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi/mold and other contaminants.       

  • MERV 13 rated filters remove ultrafine and larger particles
  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) damages or kills various organisms on surfaces and in the airstream
  • Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) eliminates volatile organic compounds and small biologicals

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Cool, Dry, Quiet Desiccant Dehumidification
Ideal for surgical suites and other hospital areas, the CDQ™ desiccant dehumidification system uses an innovative wheel to break the dew point barrier.

  • 20% – 300% improvement in dehumidification
  • 5°F – 15°F lower dew point
  • 20% – 80% reduction in reheating and cooling energy

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Healthcare Services

Healthcare Critical Systems Dashboard

Trane makes monitoring HVAC conditions easy with the Healthcare Critical Systems Dashboard. This customizable graphic interface uses Tracer SC™ technology to give you visibility and control over your facility’s IAQ.






Improved profitability

Trane HVAC solutions are designed for efficiency and affordability, from installation or retrofit to the lifetime it spends in your facility. Every Trane unit is designed for easy installation. Trane also intelligently manages inventories for quick deliveries.

Highly efficient equipment with legendary Trane reliability extends cost savings long past installation. Trane engineering and manufacturing processes ensure each unit is efficient and reliable — reducing the need for maintenance over the equipment’s lifetime. Additionally, Trane Catalytic Air Cleaning Systems’ (TCAS) ability to reduce the presence of airborne contaminants has the potential to reduce the costs associated with hospital-acquired infections.

Improved Staff Satisfaction

Your staff benefit from an environment where they can feel comfortable. Trane equipment is designed to improve temperature control and consistency, reduce noise levels and increase IAQ in your healthcare facility, which can lead to higher staff satisfaction, productivity and retention.

High Reliability and Low Maintenance

Trane reliability is designed into every system for reduced maintenance needs and costs, maximum system uptime and increased occupant comfort. When maintenance or service is needed, thoughtful engineering helps make procedures faster and easier.   

The Trane Difference

There are many HVAC options, but none compare to Trane. With more than 100 years of expertise and working with healthcare facilities, Trane provides advanced solutions to meet any need while always delivering legendary Trane reliability. Plus, Trane controls integrated with Trane products help maximize efficiency and performance, a holistic approach no other manufacturer can beat.

  • Trane Intelligent Services provide peace of mind with offsite monitoring by Trane technicians to quickly address any change in system performance
  • Trane Services are available to meet your rental, temporary equipment solutions and contingency planning needs
  • Elite™ Start Services helps ensure that newly installed systems operate with optimal performance