Waterloo Community Schools

Make the Grade

Waterloo Community Schools has an enrollment of approximately 10,000 students and encompasses 13 elementary schools, four middle school and three high schools.


Like many school districts, Waterloo’s school buildings range in age from two to nearly 90 years. Similarly, many of heating and ventilating units throughout the district needed replacement—many were more than 30 years old. Many building control systems were based on pneumatic controls which had become unreliable.

Marty Metcalf, director of operational services for the district said, “Many of the units were flat worn out. They no longer provided ventilation at all.” The district also needed to achieve and document classroom ventilation levels as specified by ASHRAE Standard 62-89.


Metcalf and Waterloo Community Schools worked with Trane’s Des Moines sales office to develop a plan to upgrade the two oldest schools in the district. Trane Sales Engineer Ron Engelhardt said, “Older unit ventilators just don’t have the capabilities for metered ventilation or for accurate control. Usually the best solution is to replace them with new equipment and to overlay the system with a modern digital control system.”

The two schools were equipped with new Trane unit ventilators tied into the district’s existing Trane Tracer Summit™ control system.

In addition, old centrifugal chillers at several schools were replaced with new Trane Model RTAA air-cooled chillers. Not only are the new chillers more reliable and efficient, but the need for frequent cooling tower maintenance is eliminated.


Metcalf says of the control system upgrades, “When we have questions about conditions in any of the classrooms with the new unit ventilators and controls, we can check them on the Tracer Summit system instantly. That saves a lot of time and travel. Now we have complete documentation of temperatures and ventilation rates for each classroom.”

From integrated comfort systems to systems management and climate controls, Trane ensures your building environment is right so you can run your business better.

About Waterloo Community Schools

The Waterloo Community School District includes the cities of Waterloo, Evansdale, Elk Run Heights, Gilbertville, and Raymond, part of the city of Cedar Falls, and certain unincorporated areas in Black Hawk County. The District is located entirely within Black Hawk County and encompasses approximately 150 square miles. Waterloo is the fifth largest school district of Iowa’s 377 public school systems.