Deltona High School

Project Summary

Trane HVAC System Upgrades Produce 20 Percent Energy Savings at Florida High School.

Project Team

Volusia County Schools
Sabiston Engineering
Parker Stephens
Coastal Mechanical


In recent years Volusia County Schools, like many school districts, has faced rising energy and operating costs coupled with ever-tightening budgets. Five years ago, as part of an effort to offset rising energy costs at Deltona High School, Senior Construction Project Manager Larry Hood led a team that upgraded the HVAC system at Deltona High School to improve the indoor environment and energy efficiency.


Larry Hood, a 30-year-plus air conditioning industry veteran, believes in a team approach to every project. Hood says, “Our overall goals were to improve the quality of our classrooms and save energy for the district. We worked as a team with Sabiston Engineering, Parker Stephens, Coastal Mechanical and Trane Orlando to ensure the best possible system for this school.” The school district purchased two Trane high efficiency centrifugal chillers and a Trane Series R™ helical rotary chiller totalling 1,455 tons of capacity. The chillers replaced a water source heat pump system. Also installed were Trane indoor and outdoor Climate Changer™ air handlers.

A Trane Tracer Summit™ building automation system was also installed to help improve energy overall HVAC system efficiency and track maintenance requirements.

Donald Sabiston, P.E., President of Sabiston Engineering Group, worked closely with Volusia County School District. In a 2004 “Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News” article about the upgrades at Deltona High School, Sabiston said, “All too often, the initial cost of a project drives the type of HVAC system installed. By applying its progressive mindset, Volusia County Schools agreed to an HVAC system that had a higher initial cost, but will last longer, provide better indoor air quality for the students, and operate more efficiently.

Sabiston adds, “The wide range of products available from Trane allowed us to specify equipment that met the demands of the school and provided a fast project payback.”

Sabiston also did some creative engineering work to make it possible to reuse the high school’s two existing cooling towers, saving on up-front costs of the project. The cooling towers were designed to produce 505 tons of capacity each at about 1200 GPM with a 10-degree temperature differential.

Sabiston says, “To reuse the towers with the new chillers we changed the fill and increased the fan power from 10 to 30 horsepower. We also increased the delta-T to 15 degrees and reduced water flow to 1150 GPM, resulting in a final capacity of 718 tons each.”


Replacing the old water source heat pump system with a central chilled water plant has resulted in energy savings of nearly 20 percent at Deltona High School. Larry Hood says, “We are making some small modifications to the chiller plant to streamline operations. This Trane chiller plant is now five years old and still looks and operates like the first day we turned it on. The chillers have logged more than 42,393 hours of operation without a single major breakdown and requiring only minor resets. This plant should last many more years without any major cost to the school district. This shows we are doing it right.”

Hood adds that he is very happy with the chiller plant at Deltona High School—and the nearly 20 similar HVAC upgrade projects throughout the school district that have since been completed. “Like everyone else, Team Volusia has faced some tough challenges over the years, but we will never let each other down and that is what makes these projects great.”

Aaron Donton, project engineer with Parker Stephens, added, “The knowledge and support that we get from Trane is way above expectations and any other HVAC provider.”

Paul Martino, Volusia County Schools Controls Manager, said of the Tracer Summit™ control system, “The ability to use the Tracer Summit system to remotely troubleshoot the HVAC system makes our technicians more effective and leads to less down time.”

Boisy Jackson, HVAC Supervisor at Deltona High School, said, “These projects have to be a team effort. We’re very happy with Trane’s service and support.”

About Deltona High School

Deltona High School is a part of the Volusia County School District—the third largest in the State of Florida—and serves approximately 3,000 students with more than 250 faculty and staff. Deltona High School students have compiled an impressive record of honors in academics and activities. Twenty-five percent of Deltona seniors go on to enroll in a four-year university and another 25 percent enroll in a community college or technical college. Deltona High School is committed to providing quality educational services for all students.