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NC State University Learns About Trane Solutions

When North Carolina State University renovated several dormitories they knew what they wanted in HVAC systems. Among the benefits they got from Trane was fast delivery of high-quality fan-coil air conditioning units with factory installed and tested piping and controls. Trane’s single-source equipment and controls saved significant installation time and money.


The entire project had to be finished during the summer of 2006 so that the residence halls were ready for students in the fall.


NC State met with the consulting engineer,general contractor,mechanical contractors and several HVAC systems suppliers. This gave NC State and Representatives an opportunity to learn what fan-coil systems were available. The specs called for factory installation of piping and controls plus specific control sequences. The University also specified high-capacity heating coils. About 250 of the fan-coil units needed dehumidification features —easily provided by Trane.


Trane Sales Engineers J.D.Howard and Evan Bundros teamed upto deliver a complete,cost-effective solution. Due to Trane’s fast delivery and factory installed and tested features, the project was completed on time. J.D.Howard said,"Trane factory programmed controls result in minimal field set-up. The general contractor estimated that based on a previous job where they did not use Trane fan-coils, on this project Trane systems saved N.C. State about $3 million as they didn’t need a separate controls contractor. Trane’s factory installed features improve project quality and save time And money!"
Tony Stoneking, Operations Director at Balfour Beatty Construction (formerly Centex), said, "We used Trane because the factory–installed controls and piping reduced cost for us and North Carolina State. That Trane could provide these features factory installed and packaged the way we wanted was 90 percent of the reason we selected Trane fan-coil units. We didn’t need additional subcontractors to install piping or controls."
Tom Galdi, N.C. State Facility Engineer, added, “We were pleasantly surprised to discover the range of operations easily implemented on Trane Fan-Coil Units without additional hardware. Also the software interface simplifies trouble shooting for our technicians."

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