IntelliPak™ Modular Series

20 to 35 Tons

Trane IntelliPak Modular Series, 20 through 35 Tons Water-cooled model SXWG and air-cooled model SXRG with remote condenser, model CXRC


  • Commercial or industrial models available with protective coatings
  • Modular design allows the fan/coil section to "split-apart" from the compressor section for retrofit applications
  • 35" wide base that fits through standard door openings
  • Internally trapped drain for low cost installation
  • Trane IntelliPak 3-D®Scroll Compressors give reliable, efficient, and quiet operation
  • Unit mounted microprocessor control with human interface panel or thermostat interface.
  • Hinged and removable control panel door for easy access
  • Waterside or airside economizer for "free cooling"
  • Two-bolt connection on cleanable condenser for quick, easy maintenance.
  • Waterside valve package option to enhance system efficiency
  • Sight glasses with ports for viewing while unit is running
  • 2-inch flat filter box inside unit casing
  • Energy saving with inlet guide vanes or variable frequency drive
  • Sloped drain pan for indoor air quality
  • Unit Specifications
      Model Nominal Tons Nominal Cfm Unit Dimensions
      SCWG-20 20 8,000 7'-2.5" x 7-'8.5" x 35"
      SCWG-25 25 10,000 7'-2.5" x 7-'8.5" x 35"
      SCWG-30 30 12,000 7'-2.5" x 7-'8.5" x 35"
      SCWG-35 35 14,000 7'-2.5" x 7-'8.5" x 35"
      SCRG-20 20 8,000 7'-2.5" x 7-'8.5" x 35"
      SCRG-25 25 10,000 7'-2.5" x 7-'8.5" x 35"
      SCRG-32 32 12,800 7'-2.5" x 7-'8.5" x 35"

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