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Search Suppliers - Terms and Conditions of Service Engagement

Search firms are essential to the recruitment and staffing efforts at Trane and we value the partnerships that we have built with our preferred search suppliers. For this reason, Trane has established and regularly maintains a preferred search supplier list. Preferred search suppliers are contracted to do business with Trane on an annual basis.

You are invited to provide your company's information through our Supplier Application on this site, as this is the required first step to consider you for preferred search supplier status during our annual review process.

Please be advised that all preferred search suppliers are required to have a written search supplier agreement in place and signed by the Director of Talent Acquisition at Trane in order for a placement or search fee to be paid for a candidate referral.

The scope of the agreement covers only Trane Commercial Systems and Trane Residential Systems, the two businesses within the Air Conditioning Systems & Services sector of Ingersoll Rand. Therefore, the search supplier agreement is not applicable to any other business or sector of Ingersoll Rand, and conversely, any agreement in place with other businesses and sectors of Ingersoll Rand does not apply to, and is not valid for, recruitment support of Trane.

Regardless of past practice, all resumes submitted by a search firm to any employee or hiring manager of Trane, via email, fax, the internet, or any other method, without a valid written search supplier agreement in place for that position becomes the sole property of Trane, and no fee is due to the search supplier in the event that the resume results in a hire.

Any search supplier agreement entered into with Trane prior to the current calendar year is hereinafter "null and void."

We've put the terms and conditions governing our supplier relationships into Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format so that you can save them and easily refer to them in the future.

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