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  • The Performance Climate Changer™ Air Handler can be configured to result in over 30 percent reduction in air handler fan energy, and over 50 percent when applied in a Trane Earthwise low temperature air system, versus typical air handling equipment.
  • Trane Traq™ airflow measurement stations used in the Performance Climate Changer are now AMCA 611-certified and allow direct measurement and control of outdoor air as low as 5 percent of nominal air handler airflow perfect for demand control ventilation strategies.

Trane Introduces Technologies to Further Optimize Comfort and Energy Efficiency

New options offered by the Performance Climate Changer™ Air Handler address building environment and performance

Chicago, IL May 5, 2010 - It is no longer enough for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to simply deliver "conditioned air." That is why today Trane is introducing its Performance Climate Changer™ air handler with cataloged capacities up to 60,000 cfm. The Performance air handler features energy recovery, airflow monitoring, and advanced humidity control options that improve the building environment and better control temperature and humidity, while optimizing performance.

These options include Trane Cool Dry Quiet (CDQ™) desiccant dehumidification wheels, energy recovery wheels, direct-drive plenum fan arrays, and dual-path split dehumidification units. When combined with the existing benefits of low pressure drop, enhanced filtration and optimized casing designed for minimal leakage, the Performance air handler provides unmatched filtration, option flexibility and airflow efficiency. These latest technology advances enable a Performance Climate Changer HVAC system to deliver optimized performance with up to 30 percent fan energy savings compared with the previous generation air-handling units.

"As we become an increasingly global society, the importance of energy and operational efficiency cannot be minimized," said Gina Cottrell, global airside business leader at Trane. "The innovations of the Performance Climate Changer air handler provide superior performance for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings worldwide as well as increase the comfort and productivity of the people in those buildings."

Systems utilizing the Performance air handler deliver optimized HVAC performance with measurable energy savings. This air handler can be applied with chilled water systems and control systems in a low-flow, low temperature HVAC system designed to reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent, while helping to reduce emissions, lower first cost and operating cost, and provide better comfort with lower space humidity.

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The Performance Climate Changer™ air handler (Cut-away View) The Performance Climate Changer™ air handler (Split View) The Performance Climate Changer™ air handler (Whole View)
The Performance Climate Changer™ air handler (Cut-away View.JPG) The Performance Climate Changer™ air handler (Split View .JPG) The Performance Climate Changer™ air handler (Whole View .JPG)

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