TechView is a PC based software tool required for CH530 chiller start-up, commissioning, service, and maintenance tasks. TechView provides the following functions; main processor software download, configuration settings,LLID binding, status and setpoints, diagnostics (active and historic), and mode overrides.

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TechView Downloads
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TV 14.0

TV 14.0 SP10

Note: The TV 14.0 download will install TechView software as well as the CH530 MP files for all of the CH530 chiller models. Also included are updated CH530 MP files for CGAM, CTVD, CVR, and RTWS CH530 chiller models. All future service packs will only support TV 14.0.

Note: Before installing TV 14.0 SP10, you need to first install TV 14.0. The TV 14.0 SP10 download will install updated TechView software for RTWD, RTWS, RTWH and RTXC chillers.

Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 7.0 Enterprise 32/64bit; Microsoft Windows 7.0 Professional 32/64bit