U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission – Recall Alert   

Recall Date: June 24, 2014

Recall Number: 14-FOR CLEARANCE  

Trane Recalls Air Conditioning Systems Due to Shock Hazard (Recall Alert)  

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Consumers should stop using this product unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.  

Recall Summary

Name of Product: Trane XB300 and American Standard Silver SI Air Conditioning Systems  

Hazard: The ground screws used in some units do not have the two threads required to provide sufficient grounding, posing a shock hazard to consumers.  

Remedy: Repair  

Consumer Contact: Trane toll-free at (888) 731-7561 from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT Sunday, or online at www.trane.com/residential and click on “XB300 Product Recall” for more information. Consumers can also log onto http://www.americanstandardair.com/residential and click on “XB300 Product Recall” for more information.  

Recall Details  

Units: About 100,600  

Description: This recall involves 37 models of Trane XB300 and American Standard brand Silver SI split system outdoor cooling units. The units are gray and have a black grated front. The units were sold in two sizes, 25.5 inches deep by 23.5 inches wide by 28.83 inches tall and 28.83 inches deep by 28.48 inches wide by 29.28 inches tall. The Trane or American Standard logo is affixed to the front and model numbers are printed on the silver nameplate on the back of the unit. Models included in the recall are:  

2TTM3018A1000A* 2TTM3024A1000A* 2TTM3030A1000A* 2TTM3036A1000A* 2TTM3042A1000A* 2TTM3048A1000A* 2TTM3060A1000A* 4A7M3018A1000A* 4A7M3024A1000A* 4A7M3030A1000A* 4A7M3036A1000A* 4A7M3042A1000A* 4A7M3048A1000A* 4A7M3060A1000A* 4TTM3018A1000A* 4TTM3018A1000B* 4TTM3018A1000C* 4TTM3024A1000A* 4TTM3024A1000B* 4TTM3024A1000C* 4TTM3024B1000A* 4TTM3030A1000A* 4TTM3030A1000B* 4TTM3030A1000C* 4TTM3030B1000A* 4TTM3036A1000A* 4TTM3036A1000B* 4TTM3036A1000C* 4TTM3042A1000A* 4TTM3042A1000B* 4TTM3042A1000C* 4TTM3048A1000A* 4TTM3048A1000B* 4TTM3048A1000C* 4TTM3060A1000A* 4TTM3060A1000B* 4TTM3060A1000C*

*15th digit present on actual units is not represented on this list.  

Incidents/Injuries: None reported.  

Remedy: Consumers should immediately turn off the cooling unit via the main breaker switch and check the model information. Consumers with recalled air conditioning systems should contact Trane or their installer or service dealer for instructions on scheduling a free inspection and repair.  

Sold by: Trane and American Standard independent distributors and dealers nationwide from February 2010 to March 2014 for between $890 and $1,000.  

Manufacturer: Trane U.S. Inc., of Tyler, Texas.  

Manufactured in: Mexico.  [Below is standard language that appears in all recall announcements] The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death associated with the use of thousands of types of consumer products under the agency’s jurisdiction. Deaths, injuries, and property damage from consumer product incidents cost the nation more than $1 trillion annually. CPSC is committed to protecting consumers and families from products that pose a fire, electrical, chemical or mechanical hazard. CPSC’s work to ensure the safety of consumer products - such as toys, cribs, power tools, cigarette lighters and household chemicals – contributed to a decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 40 years.  

Federal law bars any person from selling products subject to a publicly-announced voluntary recall by a manufacturer or a mandatory recall ordered by the Commission.  

To report a dangerous product or a product-related injury go online to www.SaferProducts.gov or call CPSC’s Hotline at (800) 638-2772 or teletypewriter at (301) 595-7054 for the hearing impaired. Consumers can obtain news release and recall information at www.cpsc.gov, on Twitter @USCPSC or by subscribing to CPSC’s free e-mail newsletters.  

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Photo 1 Outdoor Cooling Unit, Front

Photo 2 Outdoor Cooling Unit, Back

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