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Providing Warmth And Savings

Oil Furnaces

Some older homes, especially in the northeast, use oil as their fuel. Oil furnaces will keep you warm when the temperature drops during the winter months. These furnaces offer reliable heat from a clean-burning fuel. During the summer, the furnace shuts off its burners and works with your heat pump or air conditioner to circulate cool air.

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AFUE up to 82.7%


AFUE up to 85%


Higher efficiency, lower energy bills

The efficiency of a furnace is measured in Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This measures how much of the fuel you pay for is actually turned into usable heat. A new Trane furnace with a higher AFUE than your current unit can save you money every month. For example, upgrading from an AFUE of 60% to a high efficiency oil furnace with an AFUE of 85% can save up to $29 of every $100 you spend on fuel.

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Choosing your furnace model

Trane oil furnaces either have 4-speed or variable-speed blowers. The XP80 has a 4-speed blower, which has low noise levels and an AFUE of up to 85%. For a more advanced unit, the XV80 has a variable-speed blower that creates a more steady heat flow and helps control humidity.

Designed to fit in any space

No matter what your size requirements are, our 80 oil furnace family has an option that will fit perfectly. The short 41.5" system is perfect for low ceilings, while the 58" vertical highboy is ideal for basements, utility rooms or closets. Downflow models can be installed horizontally, making them an easy option for crawlspaces.

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