QuikBox™ Filter Description

For efficient removal of household dust and allergens a Trane Envirowise QuikBox air filter is a sensible and affordable solution for all homes. Our perfect fit design filters, available in 9 sizes, match our equipment for neat and easy install.



The right choice

A Trane Envirowise Quikbox air filter is an integral part of a whole home comfort system that protects your equipment as well as your family by filtering dust and allergens from the air you breathe. The Quikbox filter can last up to 6 months and is easily replaceable by you or your installer.



QuikBox™ Cabinet with Filter

modelairflowh"w"d"shipping weight (lb)

QuikBox™ Replacement Filters for Furnaces

modelefficiency ratingh"w"d"
FLRQB5FR14M11MERV 1113.7264.7
FLRQB5FR17M11MERV 1116.5264.7
FLRQB5FR21M11MERV 1120.2264.7
FLRQB5FR24M11MERV 1123.7264.7
FLRQB5FR16M11MERV 1115.75194.7
FLRQB5DN17M11MERV 1116.7204.7

QuikBox™ Replacement Filters for Air Handlers

modelefficiency ratingh"w"d"
FLRQB5AH21M11MERV 1120.7204.7
FLRQB5AH23M11MERV 1122.7204.7
FLRQB5AH26M11MERV 1125.2204.7
FLRQB5AH18M11MERV 1117.75204.7

QuikBox Filter Features

  • Up to 20 times more effective
  • 4.7 inch pleated filters
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Easy to replace


* Estimated price reflects the most common average installation cost across the USA. Price may vary in your area. Price ranges shall apply to Basic Installation to include standard materials and service, which may vary by the type of system selected. All price ranges are subject to adjustment based on the unique characteristics of the home. Any changes or modifications to Basic Installation agreed upon by Buyer will be an additional cost as negotiated by Buyer and the independent Trane Comfort Specialist including the cost of mechanical permits that may be required by local and state law. Price ranges do not include any taxes, now or hereafter enacted. Taxes will be added by your Trane Comfort Specialist to the sales price to comply with local and federal tax law.