Why Trane GO?

As a team, our dealer council helped us to determine the best way to increase the number of qualified leads to our TCS dealers: By offering online visitors more educated product choices, giving them price range estimates, and making the dealer scheduling process as simple as possible.


Benefits to Dealers:

  • 24-Hour Sales Tool: Trane GO works for you all day, every day, keeping sales moving automatically.
  • Qualified Lead Generation: The self-vetting buyer process means that those contacting you are more likely to be ready to buy.
  • Tracking the Sales Process: Now dealers can see who, what, where,
    when, and how—tracking the entire process from first contact to  installation
    and beyond.
  • Master Your Product Line: Trane GO makes dealers the masters of their product lines, helping you attract the most loyal and eager buyers.
  • Lost Lead Catcher: Trane GO keeps prospective buyers from leaving the
    Trane website to search elsewhere for pricing information, so they’re ready
    to take the next step—scheduling with your dealership.



Benefits to your Customers:

  • Empowerment: Now your customers can easily and quickly determine the right product for their home.
  • Transparency: When customers come to our site, questions about pricing are top of mind. When customers can see pricing, they feel comfortable moving quickly to the next step.
  • Convenience: By making information easier to find, we make it easier for your customers to buy.
  • Scheduling: Now scheduling an appointment with a dealer is simple,
    straightforward, accurate—and easier than ever, online.
  • Connectivity: Dealers can confirm appointments and stay connected with
    customers during the entire process, through installation and beyond. 
  • Best First Impression: Trane GO sets dealers up for success, making a
    great first impression on your customers, and keeping them happy, informed,
    and moving forward toward a purchase from your dealership.