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HVAC systems aren't just the heating and cooling that keep a home or office comfortable. Heating and cooling directly affect the quality of living and working by affecting the indoor air. Energy costs can also be a big drain on annual budgets. It pays to have heating, cooling, and ventilation systems working at optimum condition. Save money, keep the indoor air clean and safe, and have peace of mind by contacting Ted's Electrical and HVAC LLC for regular maintenance or emergency situations.

HVAC systems tend to break down right when they're most needed- the heat in winter, and the cooling in summer. Reduce the chance of experiencing this kind of muggy discomfort by relying on Ted's to keep systems working smoothly. Ted's proudly serves the communities of Roxboro, Durham, Chapel Hill, and others. Their goal is to provide quality services and reliable systems that result in customer comfort and satisfaction. No amount of wishing will make that so. It takes hard work and a strong sense of integrity. They offer flexible scheduling, education for the HVAC owner on how to extend the life of their systems, and payment plans to help assist with the investment in these essential household or office systems. Ted's provides tips on their website to help homeowners reduce monthly costs as well as to educate them on everything from the Trane brand to how often to do regular maintenance. Visit them today.



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