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Specialize Heating and Cooling Inc. was established 25 years ago with the aim of giving a piece of mind and comfort Southern California residents. The company’s goal is to provide energy efficient systems to homeowners, tenets and businesses in the region at affordable rates. 

Specialize Company works closely with Trane, a world-renowned heating and cooling leader who provided quality and modern equipment. Moreover, their technicians have undergone extensive training and have the unmatched experience to handle small and complex tasks. Whether you have emergency cases, regular maintenance or inspection, the technicians respond promptly. 

Specialize Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. offers the following services: 

AC Heating Service and Repair 

For your AC to function optimally and efficiently, it requires servicing and maintenance. Repairs are also inevitable when they break down or need new parts. The company does repairs and so much more, including: 

  • All models heating and air conditioning 
  • Diagnostic tests 
  • Energy Consumption assessment 
  • Leakage detection 
  • Floor furnaces 

Indoor Air Quality 

Indoor air regulation is paramount for healthy living. EPZ estimates that indoor air is ten times polluted than outside. The company provides terrific indoor air services by through air purification and filters, humidification, UV lights, carbon monoxide detectors and ventilation servicing. 

Split Systems 

If your system’s such as furnaces, fans, ducts, heat pump and condensers require particular attention, reach out to Specialize Inc. They have over two decades of experience installing, repairing and servicing them. 

Are you a Southern California resident looking for cutting-edge ac services? Specialize Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is at your service. 



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