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The Leach Remmers Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is a business that was started in 1999 by two people, Jeff Leach and Garry Remmers. The main goal of starting the business was to provide their clients with heating and air conditioning services that are of great quality and value in the heating and cooling systems industry. Additionally, Leach Remmers is a Trane Comfort Specialist. The quality service delivery is made possible by their team of experts who work to guarantee customer satisfaction by paying attention to detail and maximize results.

Leach Remmers Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. offers a wide range of services to their customers, the primary objective being efficiency maximization while minimizing the client’s heating and cooling expenses. Some of the services include:

  • Heating - The business replaces heating systems and offers options on the heating systems that customers can use in their homes or at their businesses.
  • Air conditioning - The technicians at the Leach Remmers Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. ensure that the customer’s air conditioning is operating efficiently by carrying quick and effective service and repair. Furthermore, the company assesses the client’s business or home and provides them with the best design that corresponds to their budget.
  • Maintenance - The maintenance experts at the firm will regularly check their clients heating, air conditioning systems, and carry out inspections and cleaning.
  • Sheet metal fabrications – Leach Remmers Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. customs makes duct systems for their clients’ businesses and homes as well as provide installation of the same.
  • Design services - Clients can expect the company to project manage and design heating and cooling systems for them, be it in their new homes or current ones.
  • Geothermal services - The Company offers installation services for geothermal systems that guarantee the customers’ heating and cooling system to perform optimally, saving the client energy costs in the long run.

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