Desert Valley Aire - Tucson

Desert Valley Aire - Tucson has provided top quality heating and cooling services throughout Arizona to well over 66,000 customers and counting. They promise to provide their customers with the highest levels of both customer service and quality workmanship, and service both residential and commercial clients. They are fully licensed and bonded and provide repairs as well as installation of a wide range of the best heating, ventilation and air conditioning products, including Trane heating and cooling systems. 

Particularly popular with Desert Valley Aire is their Preventative Maintenance Program, which over 11,600 customers have taken advantage of so far. The Preventative Maintenance Program comes with two full system check ups per year, which alone retails for $179.80 for both visits. Additionally, program members receive outdoor coil cleaning at no cost, ensuring that their system always runs at its most efficient. All customers of Desert Valley Aire - Tucson receive competitive prices. Most dealers charge a great deal more than Desert Valley Aire, with an hourly average rate of $150, compared to what Desert Valley Aire currently charges: $110/hour. However, program members save an additional 20% on labor rates and pay only $88/hour currently. Program members also are guaranteed the quickest service, receiving priority when services are needed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The final advantage for program members is that they never have to pay any additional fees for travel time or trip charges. The company is also adept at providing precision tune-ups to all parts connected to any HVAC system, from thermostats to blower motors, Desert Valley Aire - Tucson keeps Arizona nice and cool.



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