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Cool-R-Us, Inc. in JACKSONVILLE, Florida is like the Toys-R-Us  for everything dealing with the intricate world of commercial HVAC provision, heating and cooling at their best: They offer a 24-hour guarantee and can meet the need within minutes, not falling behind in anything, and that's a promise; find out more through saving online, or simply request any first-time quote ---- there has never been a better time to start. Lek Gjoka, the current owner of this local business, founded it in 1999 with much hardship: He had little money and resources, but worst of all, he spoke no English; slowly but surely, he began to learn the language of HVAC from working in a warehouse, and that was where his HVAC career truly began to take flight ---- now the man runs his own 24/7 business made to service Jacksonville and cities nearby! What a pillar testimony this is, and one that teaches people that anything is possible: All one would need to do is reach out for assistance and make it happen, much like this business encourages all skeptic prospects to do, with all respect; there is infinite potential here for finding a great, permanent home fix in cooling or heating --- or at least one that works quite well for long-term reliability.

Find out more through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or the site's main blog. Get a free quote or pricing estimate, or apply for no-APR financing. It's all possible right here, and Lek Gjoka personally extends his regards. 



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