People of Cocoa Beach, if you are looking for an air conditioning and/or an appliance service company, you simply must check out Beach Appliance & Air Cond.  They have been in business for literally decades, serving the entire county of Brevard in Florida.  If you are thinking of buying the world-famous Trane brand of air conditioner (which is THE best you can get) or any other kind, Beach Appliance is the place to call.

People living near the beach for the first time may be unaware of the corrosion to air conditioning systems that can occur because of the dampness in the air.  Beach Appliance & Air Cond. knows all about this and offers a service to help you prevent that in your home.  Ask them about that and other preventative a/c maintenance services.

Business owners can utilize the services  of this air conditioning vendor as well.  They have services available that are specifically tailored to the unique needs of a business of any size.  Beach appliance understands that air conditioning for a business differs from that of a home and has the expertise you need.

Beach Appliance has a stellar reputation and is known throughout the county for being reliable and trustworthy.  Do you have budget concerns?  No problem for them, they will work with you.  Whether you need routine maintenance, a difficult repair job, or a complete system replacement, this company will develop a payment plan that suits your budget.  So do not put off calling them any longer.  The hot weather seasons are approaching and it is best to be prepared. 



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