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Portland, Oregon Trane dealers stand tall as some of the best HVAC experts you’ll find in the Rose City. Awarded the designation of Trane Comfort Specialists™, they come equipped with extensive knowledge of all things heating and air. In Portland, they can help keep your home and your family comfortable.

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Heating and Air in Portland

Portland’s climate is often characterized as warm and dry during the summer with some cool, rainy winters. However, Portland summers are less susceptible to the moderating effects of the Pacific Ocean leading to heat waves.

Trane air conditioners are able to stand up to the heat with energy efficient functions designed to keep your home cool all summer long. Customers can pair their AC unit with a furnace to weather the cooler winters.

Find a Trane HVAC Expert in Portland

Our Trane Comfort Specialists™ are the only HVAC experts you’ll need. These highly-skilled professionals really know HVAC and will handle home installation and system maintenance. They excel in customer satisfaction and we’re confident you won’t be disappointed with their services.

Experience Healthier Indoor Air

Our Trane CleanEffects™ systems help eliminate unwanted allergens in the air. Up to 99.98% of airborne particles to be exact. No more having to worry about your family breathing in harmful bacteria and allergens!

Are you a trane dealer?
Are you a trane dealer?
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If you're a local Trane dealer, contact your Direct Sales Office for more information about parts and supplies.

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