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Learn More About Oakland, CA

Located on the San Francisco Bay across from the Bay Bridge, Oakland is the largest city in the East Bay. Oakland is known for its local sports teams, the Raiders and the Golden State Warriors. This bustling city also serves as a major trade center for the area. The weather in Oakland tends to be slightly warmer than San Francisco and a little cooler than San Jose.

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If you notice excess moisture, rusty pipes, strange noises or your AC system isn’t turning on, you should contact a technician. If you need AC repair in Oakland, don’t try to fix your unit by yourself. Attempting to fix your heating or cooling system can be dangerous if you’re not a trained expert. Some AC repairs might be covered in your warranty. Ask your local dealer to learn more.

How to Choose a Trane System

A Trane dealer can help you choose which system is right for your home. Larger homes with many rooms and high ceilings will probably need a system with more capacity than a smaller home. You should also consider the heating source you currently have for your home. If you have a gas line set up, a gas furnace is probably a good choice for your home. Check with your dealer about the warranty options that are available.

Are you a trane dealer?
Are you a trane dealer?
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