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Item Detail Quantity Item Total (USD)
Air Conditioning Clinic Bundle

$235 | Item #1-43.165

Set of Air Conditioning Clinic Booklets

$215 | Item #1-43.186

Item Detail Quantity Item Total (USD)

$12 | Item #94.24

Item Detail Quantity Item Total (USD)
Absorption Water Chillers

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC011-EN

Air Conditioning Fans

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC013-EN

Helical-Rotary Water Chiller

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC012-EN

Centrifugal Water Chiller

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC010-EN

Item Detail Quantity Item Total (USD)
Variable Air Volume Duct Design

$4 | Item #AM-SYS-6

Self-Contained VAV Systems

$5 | Item #AM-SYS-9

Managing Building Moisture

$16 | Item #SYS-AM-15

Dehumidification in HVAC Systems

$16 | Item #SYS-APM004-EN

Rooftop VAV Systems

$16 | Item #SYS-APM007-EN

Acoustics in Air Conditioning

$16 | Item #ISS-APM001-EN

Waterside Heat Recovery

$16 | Item #SYS-APM005-EN

Building Pressure Control

$5 | Item #AM-CON-17

Chilled-Water Terminal Systems

$16 | Item #SYS-APM011-EN

Chilled-Water VAV Systems

$16 | Item #SYS-APM008-EN

Refrigerating System and Machinery Rooms

$16 | Item #APP-APM001-EN

Air-to-Air Energy Recovery

$16 | Item #SYS-APM003-EN

Central Geothermal System Design and Control

$20 | Item #SYS-APM009-EN

Chiller System Design and Control

$16 | Item #SYS-APM001-EN

Water-Source and Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems

$16 | Item #SYS-APM010-EN

Item Detail Quantity Item Total (USD)
HVAC System Control

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC017-EN

Chilled-Water Systems

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC016-EN

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC020-EN

Introduction to HVAC Systems

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC018-EN

VAV Systems

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC014-EN

Water-Source Heat Pump Systems

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC015-EN

Item Detail Quantity Item Total (USD)
Refrigeration System Components

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC005-EN


$18 | Item #TRG-TRC001-EN

Refrigeration Cycle

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC003-EN

Heading and Cooling Load Estimation

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC002-EN

Fundamentals of HVAC Acoustics

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC007-EN

Refrigeration Compressors

$18 | Item #TRG-TRC004-EN

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Minimum order amount is US$25. Orders that do not total US$25 will be billed at US$25. 

Within the United States:  UPS Ground delivered within 3 to 6 business days. A US$15 S&H fee is added to each order.

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Return Policy
All literature returns must receive prior authorization by calling 608.787.4153. There will be a 15 percent restocking charge on all literature returned. Literature returns will only be accepted up to 90 days after the ship date.

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If your company or organization is exempt from paying sales tax, fax or mail a copy of your tax exemption certificate along with the completed order form.