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Air-to-Air Recovery

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  • Published Jan 1, 2002

Discusses the various air-to-air energy recovery technologies and their application in HVAC systems.

Topics include:

  • Why recover energy?
  • Sensible- versus total-energy recovery effectiveness
  • Unbalanced airflow
  • Outdoor-air preconditioning (or exhaust-air heat recovery)
  • Supply-air tempering (or reheat) in series or parallel
  • ASHRAE Standard 90.1
  • Impact on first cost and operating cost
  • Frost prevention methods
  • Minimizing cross leakage
  • Methods of capacity control
  • Coil loops (or coil runaround loops)
  • Fixed-plate heat exchangers (or air-to-air heat exchangers)
  • Heat pipes
  • Rotary heat exchangers (heat wheels, enthalpy wheels, passive desiccant wheels)
  • ARI Standard 1060
  • Controlling energy recovery devices in dedicated outdoor-air systems and mixed-air systems (constant volume, VAV)
  • Economizer operation
  • Active desiccant dehumidification systems
  • Local versus centralized preconditioning

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January 01, 2002