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Refrigeration Compressors

Air Conditioning Clinics (Fundamentals Series)

  • Air Conditioning Clinics (Fundamentals Series)
  • $18
  • Item # TRG-TRC004-EN
  • Published Jun 1, 2018

Introduction of the common refrigeration compressor types used in air-conditioning applications, including reciprocating, scroll, helical-rotary (screw), and centrifugal.  

Topics include:

  • Review of the basic refrigeration cycle
  • Open, semi-hermetic, and hermetic refrigeration compressors
  • Types of compressors (reciprocating, scroll, helical-rotary, centrifugal)
  • Principles of refrigeration compressors operation
  • Methods of compressor capacity control (cylinder unloaders, cycling, slide valve, inlet vanes, variable-speed)
  • Methods of system-level control (direct expansion versus chilled water, constant volume versus VAV)
  • Preventing evaporator freeze-up (sensing suction temperature, hot gas bypass)

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June 01, 2018