Commercial Real Estate

California State Lottery Headquarters

Solar plus storage create Zero Net Energy pavilion; reduce utility costs; help achieve LEED Gold® certification

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605 Robson Street

Downsized heat recovery chiller provides reliability and a comfortable working environment; reduces gas consumption approximately 32 percent compared to base year.

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50 California Street

Chiller rebuild resolves obsolescence issue; saves 50 percent in replacement costs; results in energy cost savings of approximately $18,000 a month.

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Marine Gateway

District energy plant utilizes low carbon energy system to provide heating and cooling to meet comfort needs of mixed-use development; lowers input energy consumption and carbon footprint; exceeds target of 70 percent renewable energy use; helps achieve LEED Gold® certification.

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1177 West Hastings

Chiller plant redesign and building automation system upgrade exceed expectations with a year-one energy use reduction of 875,000 kWh for a 73 percent savings; result in cooling tower water reduction of 47 percent; increase redundancy; poise property for future energy-saving opportunities.

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