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Indoor Agriculture: HVAC System Design Considerations


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Growing plants indoors has gained in popularity, but conditioning spaces for plants instead of humans introduces new challenges. This ENL will discuss plants, the dehumidification challenges they pose, and how precision cooling for indoor agriculture is different compared to comfort cooling. The ENL will also discuss common air- and waterside system configurations used to maintain space conditions to ensure a healthy crop.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain how plants add latent load to the growing spaces through evapotranspiration.
  • Understand the differences between comfort cooling and indoor agriculture air conditioning.
  • Determine proper supply air humidity ratio and temperature conditions for growing spaces based upon grower’s preferences.
  • Understand possible air-to-air energy recovery configurations commonly available in air handlers.
  • Identify potential chilled-water heat recovery configurations for a given application

Supplement Material 
Engineers Newsletter that covers several HVAC considerations when designing indoor growth spaces.

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Indoor Agriculture: HVAC System Design Considerations

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