Energy Market Intelligence

You don’t have to be an energy expert, when you enlist the help of Trane Energy Supply Services. That’s our job.

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Energy Market Intelligence
Energy Market Intelligence


You don’t need to be an expert in energy markets  but by providing you with the information about what is happening right now and the insight about what could lie ahead in a simple and concise way, we can work better together to improve your current and future  energy strategies

Our Market Intelligence team creates a range of publications, from Daily Pricing Reports to Weekly Market Updates to Monthly Energy recaps that provide the information needed to better understand what is happening across various electricity, natural gas and crude oil markets as well as how prices are moving.  In addition, our regulatory research will keep you up-to-date on any regulatory or legislative issues that could impact your energy use or bills.

Leveraging decades of energy market experience and in depth research allow us to evaluate how markets react to various changes and quantify the risks that are associated with those changes, better positioning you to implement your energy strategy.

Stay ahead of the game, leveraging Trane expertise and market insight to make smarter energy decisions.

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