Asset Renewal

There are times when an update or upgrade is the better solution for improving or preserving your ability to deliver business results, particularly when dealing with near- term constraints. Trane brings the capacity to discover and deliver improvements; add capabilities, capacity, or repairs; and help with value-added shifts to your existing operations while helping plan for the long term. In short, we can help you in the now and later, keeping your key metrics in view and balancing total cost of ownership with net present value as you define it.

Asset Renewal may look like overhauling a chiller rather than replacing the system, adding current generation controls and remote monitoring, or converting from a constant-volume system to variable volume to improve efficiencies. It may be a maintenance program that eliminates deferred maintenance or a system review that optimizes set points and controls. Trane brings scalable solutions for your business based on your priorities and your systems both near and long term.