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Explore Energy Efficiency

Trane partners with building owners and operators to create exceptional energy efficiency – and maximum ROI.

More energy-efficient buildings benefit everyone, from those who own and operate them, to those who live and work in them.  Worldwide, the process of monitoring, controlling and conserving a building’s energy consumption is evolving quickly and becoming more complex.  Building owners and operators may be hesitant about the best ways to do it all.

Trane cuts through the complexity to guide customers through the energy management process.  We partner with them to achieve even the most ambitious energy efficiency goals for their buildings, at minimal operating costs.

This means exploring their building’s mission and defining its energy initiatives with them.  Then we link those initiatives, in priority order, to the customers’ strategic and financial goals.

Trane then combines a wide range of systems and services to give customers unified business and technical solutions.  And finally, using our unparalleled expertise and offerings, we work with our customers to track results and ensure their mission is achieved — now, and throughout the lifecycle of their buildings.