Series R® Upgrades

Existing HVAC Equipment Upgrades

Extend the life of your chiller.

Trane engineers Series R chillers to last. Our exclusive upgrades and services can help to extend useful life, increase reliability, restore or gain efficiences, and make your chiller easier to operate. Explore our upgrade offerings for your Series R chiller below.

Series R R'newal®

Any chiller will experience wear and tear over it's useful life. Our exclusive overhaul service, the Series R R'newal, addresses the most common causes of performance decline. It's a planned maintenance approach that can reduce unplanned downtime, newes reliability, and extends the life of your chiller--giving you more years of worry-free chiller performance. This exclusive  factory-warranted overhaul service includes new genuine Trane parts, a new serial number and the expertise of our factory trained and authrorized Trane technicians.

Chiller Controls Upgrade

Just because your Series R chiller was manufactured in 1995 doesn't mean it's controls need to be!  Our exclusive Tracer® AdaptiView™ controls upgrade provides an intuitive interface that improves chiller performance, efficiency, reliability, and serviceability.

Variable Frequency Drive Upgrade and R'newal Options

Upgrading to a variable frequency drive can provide significant energy savings and reduce demand charges where utilitly rates and electric demand are high. Our Adaptive Frequency™ drive updates your chiller to variable speed operation that saves energy and reduces noise at part-load operation. Work with your local Trane Service Specialist to understand the energy savings and payback potential for an upgrade. 

Starter Replacement and Upgrade Options

For most buildings, a chiller's electrical inrush is the largest electrical demand of the building. A starter is expected to operate thousands of times a decade, so a major service over it's life is certainly expected. A planned, comprehensive upgrade is much less disruptive and expensive than replacing components on fail. Trane offers Wye-Delta and Solid State starter upgrades and replacements.

Is it time to replace your chiller? Here are some replacement options to consider.

Contact your local Trane specialist for more information on upgrading your Series R Chiller.

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