20 - 120 Toneladas

Grandes sistemas divididos: RAUJ CAUJ


20 - 120 Toneladas

Grandes sistemas divididos: RAUJ CAUJ

Características principales:

  • Gran cartera de condensadores comerciales líder en la industria.
  • Eficiencia energética confiable, con tecnología patentada y durabilidad. 
  • Varias opciones y configuraciones.
  • Pídale a Trane que le ayude a configurar el sistema que necesita

Commercial condensing units: only the best for the biggest jobs

The biggest challenges call for the best equipment, and that means Trane. Trane’s 20 - 120 ton air-cooled condensing units are the leading choice for multistory office buildings, hotels, schools, municipal and industrial facilities. Engineered for efficiency, quality and reliability with:

  • Patented Trane 3-D® Scroll compressors
  • 14-gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Louvered panels for added strength and excellent coil protection
  • Phosphatized finish with Trane Slate Gray air-dry paint for durability
  • Optional corrosion protected condenser coil

Innovative technology for reliable, energy efficient performance

All commercial condensing models include Trane 3-D Scroll compressors. With 12 patents and a unique orbiting scroll, these compressors have fewer parts, which in turn means a longer and more reliable operating life. Which means you get quality that lasts.

  • 70% fewer parts than an equal-capacity reciprocating compressor
  • Single orbiting scroll eliminates need for pistons, connecting rods, wrist pins and valves
  • Greater efficiency due to less rotating mass and internal friction

Choose from multiple configurations and options

With compressors or without, configure your remote condenser unit for compressor chiller installation or remote compressor applications. Condensers with compressors can generate chilled water remotely with the remote chiller evaporator option – available as either a controller and switch or also with a brazed plate heat exchanger kit. Many additional system options let you tailor a large commercial condenser for a variety of building applications:

  • Low ambient
  • Hot gas bypass
  • Suction service valve
  • Pressure gauges    

Not sure what you need? Trane can help

Trane large commercial condensers can be paired with a many air handlers and remote chiller evaporators, including Performance Climate Changers™ and Odyssey® Light Commercial units.  Use Trane’s application guides and selection tools, which include piping requirements and condenser specifications for easier matching of system components and installation.

Lista completa de opciones de sistemas divididos grandes (RAUJ CAUJ)

  • Ambiente bajo
  • Bypass de gas caliente
  • Válvula de servicio de succión
  • Manómetros
  • Serpentín de condensador protegido contra la corrosión
  • Aisladores
  • Interruptor de flujo
  • Evaporador enfriador remoto
  • Interruptor de desconexión sin fusible
  • Salida de conveniencia
  • cULus
  • Cumplimiento sísmico IBC / OSHPD

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