Rich Heritage

For over a century, Trane has seen more than the building. We’ve seen opportunities to build life.

Trane began in 1885 as a family plumbing business in La Crosse, Wis. Joined by his son Reuben, a mechanical engineer, James Trane developed an innovative low-pressure steam heating system. By 1913, the family had incorporated as The Trane Company.

Over the next hundred years, Trane established its position as a pioneer in climate control. In 1931, the company patented its first air conditioner. Seven years later, Trane launched Turbovac, a new type of water chiller that fundamentally altered the industry’s approach to large-building air conditioning systems. These early innovations paved the way for Trane’s industry-leading commercial air conditioner, CenTraVac™— the highest efficiency, lowest emissions, most reliable chiller on the market. Throughout the second half of the Twentieth century, Trane expanded its offerings to customers. With the acquisition of Sentinel Electronics in the late 1970s, and General Electric’s Central Air Conditioning Division in 1982, Trane expanded both its residential and energy management offerings. In 1984, American Standard Companies, Inc., acquired the Trane Company, and four years later, launched the American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Brand. In 2007, American Standard Companies divided, allowing Trane to renew its business focus and leadership in integrated HVAC services and solutions.

Furthering its transformation into a multi-brand commercial manufacturer that serves customers in diverse global markets, Ingersoll Rand acquired Trane in June 2008. With Trane a part of the family, Ingersoll Rand now provides even more innovative products, services and solutions that maximize quality and comfort in homes and buildings alike.

Today, Trane maintains a robust global presence and continues to grow at an exceptional pace. At the heart of that growth is a legacy borne of the same values that characterized that Wisconsin plumbing business a century ago.

And now, a hundred years since a father and son incorporated the family plumbing business, Trane remains poised to move forward. Through our industry and consumer collaboration, we work together to develop game-changing solutions that address the needs of today’s dynamic marketplace. Trane honors the legacy in place, and builds on it by making buildings safer, more comfortable and more cost effective.  Now, and for generations to come.