Flex II chiller

55-135 kW

Main features Flex II

  • Fully modular system with capacity to connect 6 modules without any restrictions up to 810 kW
  • Compact footprint: all models 2.4 m length x 1 m width. Designed to fit in standard service elevators - no need to rent crane or helicopter to gain access to roof
  • Compliant with Ecodesign Regulation ENER Lot21.  All SEER levels ≥ 3,8
  • Tandem DSH on/off scroll compressors and electronic expansion valves
  • Micro-channel condenser coils resulting in low R410A refrigerant charge = Sustainability and lower costs  
  • Advanced design industrialization to optimize maintenance operations. Full accessibility of all components
Main features Flex HSE (variable speed driven scroll compressors)
  • Cooling capacity: 45-230 kW per module
  • Stepless capacity control: 20-100%
  • Modular: 9 different sizes available
  • Super high part load efficiency
  • Super low noise (optional)
  • WFC technology with inverter water pumps (optional)


Customer benefits

  • Installation anywhere, everywhere 
    • HVAC system designer can play with weight distribution and space organization on e.g. building roof
    • Flexible HVAC plant design and/or aesthetic view. Each module can be installed differently
    • E.g. different roof corners, different floor levels, etc…
  • Non-stop continuous operation
  • Just in time system
  • Easy to handle
    • Perfect for project with limited access
    • Perfect for city center project where roof access is not allowed
    • Perfect for retrofit
  • Flexible and Optimized investment
    • Spread investments with extending capacity step-by-step
    • Add a modular unit only when more capacity is needed, without any cost penalty
    • Without any restrictions at any time of the project without having initally planned for additional capacity
    • Up to 6 units up to 810kW

Options Flex II

  • Desuperheater
  • Heat recovery
  • Low Noise and Super Low Noise
  • Packaged pump stations - Low, Medium, High head pressure, with or without water tank


Accessories for modular connection

  • FlexMaster to connect and control up to 6 modular units
  • Hydraulic connection kit for connection among single modules
  • Hydraulic connection kit for connection among single modules (for hydraulic versions)

Mounted accessories

  • Low ambient temperature kit (down to -10°C)
  • Gas gauges
  • Complete anti-intrusion grilles
  • Power factor correction to cos phi 0.91
  • Control panel electric heater with thermostat
  • Water pumps automatic changeover
  • Phase failure protection relay
  • Serial card with BacNet Protocol MS/TP
  • Serial card with BacNet Protocol TCP/IP
  • Gateway Modbus Lontalk
  • Soft - Start
  • Electrical power supply without neutral 400V/3ph
  • Automatic circuit breakers
  • Step Condensing control
  • Condensing control with variable fan speed modulation
  • High static pressure EC fans up to 100 Pa
  • Axitop diffusers
  • E-coated anti-corrosion condensing coil treatment
  • Sea container kit
  • Flow switch
  • Automatic water filling
  • Water strainer
  • Remote control display
  • Water gauges
  • Victaulic Kit
  • Rubber or spring antivibration mounts
  • Modbus RS485
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Numbered wires

FlexMaster Controller

  • Control up to 6 units, of equal or different capacity   (2-pipe systems)
  • Hydraulic kit control: management of external water pump group or water pumps integrated in each unit
  • Set point management: adjustment based on inlet or outlet water temperature as provided by the probe
  • RS 485 serial communication between modular unit(s) and FlexMaster controller
  • Multi-language interface
  • PVC box with transparent door, UV resistant & IP Class 66
  • Potential free contacts for generic alarm signals and for water pump activation
  • Potential-free contacts for:
  • Activation of the system
  • Seasonal setting adjustments with external signal
  • Possible alarm state of external water pump(s)
  • Double set point management
  • BMS connection via Modbus protocol / RS485
  • Input & output probes for the main user
  • External air probe
  • Probes for secondary user temperature control like total or partial recovery and DHW (only if required)

FlexMaster anywhere, everywhere

  • Ideal for connecting multiple Flex modular units to one single “Master controller”
  • For expanding capacity of chiller/heat pump plant
  • To control the main functions and operating modes of the modular units
  • Non-stop operation!  In case of preventive or corrective maintenance necessary on one module all other modular units keep on running
  • Back-up or stand-by capacity
    • Number of installations with a request for back-up or stand-by capacity is increasing (e.g. hospitals, banks, data centers, high class apartment buildings, etc…..)
    • Traditional systems require a second unit with similar capacity.  Flex modular systems reach same effect by simply adding a modular unit
    • Control up to 6 units of equal or different capacities


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